No shrinking violets here. The brand for KO & CO, which is led by the charismatic Kim Odering, could be nothing but full noise, full colour and full of life. And vastly different from the competition. KO & CO bring outdoor spaces to life with handcrafted beauty. We did the same for the brand.

Strategy, brand platform, name, logo, illustration, website, tone of voice and copy, brand and marketing material.

For authenticity, and inspired by the charm of botanical illustration, the look and feel was developed by hand, starting as Kim does, with a drawing. From this we developed four ‘wallpaper’ designs and colourways – one for each season – for a unique and versatile design base.

Landscapers think three-dimensionally. So we did too, cutting and handcrafting beautiful 3D forms using the wallpaper design for the elements.

We handcrafted four different logos in the seasonal colourways. The intricate 3D paper sculptures were photographed and rendered for digital use.

Bright, bold, and shaped by the idea of garden rooms, this dynamic logo comes alive with animation. The bespoke website delivers a rewarding interactive experience, surprising the user as the logo and 3D paper garden grow onto the screen or sway with the breeze created by the cursor. Just as gardens change through the seasons, every refresh changes the flora and colourway.

Experience the full site here

The brand assets stand out. KO & CO's business cards are seasonal packets of seeds, their site signage pops, and their notebooks are like fresh flowers on the table. The tone of voice was developed as warm and informative, every bit Kim's natural way of speaking.

Original, engaging, disruptive and instantly recognisable, KO & CO's brand is a compelling vehicle of persuasion for a company that's thriving and in demand with both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

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